Dru Hill And Playa Announce Group Merger But We Can’t Get Over The Photoshopped Shoes


Dru Hill has come a long way since “Tell Me” and they’ve swapped out members more times than Destiny’s Child, but this right here is absolutely unacceptable. The group announced via Vibe Magazine that they’d be merging with 90’s R&B group Playa and will be releasing a new album. That isn’t the bad part, though. The worst part of the announcement comes from the group’s photo shoot.


Notice something with the shoes on the far right? Zoom in. Yep, that’s photoshop and clearly whoever did it is playing with our intelligence.


Needless to say, Twitter had a field day with the photoshopped shoes.  Hit the flip to see the internet go IN on the botched photoshop job.

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