We all have at least on ex-girlfriend or boyfriend who may cross our minds even though the relationship has been over for quite a while. After dating Nicki Minaj for 12 years, Safaree’s heartstrings remain attached to her.

This past weekend she seemed to be on everyone’s mind as we all wanted to hear her new album Queen. All eyes were on her, and Shiggy managed to capture Safaree’s eyes on Minaj’s Instagram page.

Adding to that, Safaree seemed like he was sincerely caught off guard when Shiggy asked, “who page is that my boy?” before blocking the camera with sparkling diamonds and Versace fabrics

My Boy @iamsafaree Reminiscing 😂😂😂😂😂 @nickiminaj He Want That Old Thing Back

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Checking in on an ex’s social media can be devastating if those heartstrings are still attached. Yet fans managed to get him to take a listen to Come See About me.” 

Regrettably, after listening to the song one of his heartstrings must’ve been tugged a bit as he admits to “crying like a bitch.” Although he doesn’t think the track is about him, he also admits that the song changed his whole mood.

Based on this, his feelings for his ex-girlfriend remain strong. Afer spending 12 years together, we can understand his feelings. Even though he was moved to tears he still credits Minaj for delivering a good song.

The song itself detail’s Minaj’s lonely rise to the top of Hip Hop. Still, no matter how much time passes or who they both move on to, it seems like Safaree’s heartstrings are still attached.

Damn #nickiminaj had #safaree crying

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