How to obtain the ultimate arm candy. Lately I have been on the lookout for unique one of kind bracelets that stand out from the crowd. Now who’s not obsessed with Cartier, hermes, and Dior. I have a few of my own and was lucky enough to find a Dior bracelet that I’ve set my eyes for quite some time. I also got a few from Roxanne Assoulin and they are so much fun to use as add on pieces. My watch is from Swatch and it was under $200.As every women, there is the one splurge item that’s on my wish list. Can we just say that the Cartier Love bracelet is a classic piece of art? Since Sharing is caring, I’ve gathered some pieces for you guys from different price points so you can also create an awesome arm candy. I assure you that it will make your outfit stand out. Hope you guys enjoy xo, K  (P.S Dior bracelet sold out everywhere, found mine on Ebay)   

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