What to get, what to do … well this year is a little different for me. My 30’s taught me so much, many experiences, breakups, and had my first real heartbreak at 30, well that’s not counting the bad boy I meet at 13 years old, LOL! I dated jerks but also dated great guys. I was super confused in life and everything society said I should have by 30, I was far from it. However I accomplished so much, I quit my job and I followed my dreams. I also made awesome friends in my 30’s so that “no new friends” is a big LIE.I never had better friendships than I do now.  I’ve also matured a lot, in my 20’s won’t lie,  I was very selfish and it was all about me. My 30’s gave me the most headaches and I had to learned to humble myself. I cleaned my first house for money when I was completely broke. I was never into clubs or drinking alcohol but I think after my 30’s I did some partying but it was never for me. I started traveling after my late 30’s… how crazy. I see so many young people […]

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