Ex Foxnews and soon to be ex-NBC host Megan Kelly is having a rough time getting her opinions understood. With a simple response trying to explain what was acceptable in the past may no longer be acceptable she has given her non-fans the perfect excuse to boot her out. Her Black Face comments might have been ok on Foxnews(and may have been overlooked on NBC) but it was simply too much ammo to let go of.

A nothing comment can quickly be seen as opportunity to right all wrongs

Remember if you dabble with politics and not comedy you’re held to slighly unfunny standard

And firing her is simply not the right approach or rather provided the wrong tactic

Talking about what is racist or simply hurtful or insensitive would have owned the narrative better
Here is how you decide if you should do Black Face

To get a moral compass, ask yourself would you dress up as Anne Franken or a bloodied and dying Princess Diana or shock horror Hitler. The truthful answer would be it depends if your Boss, lover, teacher, family, co-workers would actually not feel offended.
Unfortunately Megan chose to not choose her comments wisely – you cannot be earning $20+ Million a year and simply have an unthoughtful moment.

Black face symbolized much that was wrong with discrimination and slavery, its sole purpose was to depict Black people as lazy, dumb, incoherent and unworthy of being human and to be clear a complete opposite of the spirit of halloween which aims to be a night of monsters.

Where next for Megan Kelly is anyone’s guess..


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