Treasure say’s she’s not black or African American as she does not exhibit any of the traits that she has identified. She believes black people are ugly gorillas who have curly hair and thick lips. Treasure exhibits signs of Racial Fluidity.

Unfortunately Treasure is not alone with this view. Being racial fluid Racheal Dolezal chose to identify as African American instead of white,  though flawed she had her reasons and stuck to her guns choosing to complete her transformation with an Igbo- Fula new name. Nkechi Diallo.

Social media reaction unfortunately for Treasure is not having any of it. 

The KKK might make her an honorary member but somehow we think not!

Others advised reaching out to Iyanla

But to sum it up clearly her Mother has poorly influenced her understanding of her identity- and this is a pointer to her re-education

Practically this is what its going to all come down to

Treasure you can chose to identify yourself whichever way you want however you cannot be allowed to malign, demean and denigrate another race simply to justify your reasoning.


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